The purchase of any product on Garrafeira Imperial’s website, consists in the acceptance of the present general conditions for on-line sales:

  1. Any alcohol drinks available on on-line store of Garrafeira Imperial can be purchased by people who have reached the legal drinking age according to their country of residence.

  2. Every purchased product in the on-line store can be exchanged when a well-founded justification is provided with a limit of 14 days.

  3. It is only allowed exchanges for another product of equal or higher value in the physical store.

  4. While shipping, the bottles must be checked beforehand by the client to see if there are any possible damages, if a non-compliance is identified with the order, they should be returned and contact Garrafeira Imperial so the situation could be solved as soon as possible.

  5. Garrafeira Imperial recognizes to all its costumers the right of resolution of contract in which are in force, allowing them the time frame of 14 days for the returning of the purchased products in the terms of the decree N. º 143/2001 and decree 82/2008 of 20/05. If you have questions or need for additional information, please feel free to contact us by any means necessary.

  6. In case there is refund of the purchased products, the reimbursement will be done with a credit coupon valid for 12 months since the issue date. This credit can also be used whether in the on-line store or at the physical store.

  7. Garrafeira Imperial only takes responsibility for the shipping costs if the shipped product is not in conformity according with the order, however in any other situations, the client will the reimbursed only by the returned product value.

  8. Garrafeira Imperial does not take responsibility for packages sent to countries that do not allow entry of alcoholic beverages. Garrafeira Imperial will refund only the cost of the purchased items within the package. The same applies for possible customs taxes. If you have any questions regarding shipping, please contact our office beforehand.

  9. All items for sale are limited to existing stock. In case of a definitive or temporary rupture, Garrafeira Imperial will contact the client to come up with the best solution.

  10. Protected by Portuguese legislation, all listed prices include IVA taxes in force.

  11. The orders will only be processed after the payment confirmation. A order does not constitute a reservation.

  12. All purchases made in Garrafeira Imperial have a maximum payment date of 5 days. If this time frame is exceeded, the purchase will be automatically cancelled.

  13. All purchases made on Garrafeira Imperial’s website are subject to Portuguese legislation. Any conflict or divergence of the interpretation of the General Conditions for on-line purchases will be submitted to the competent Portuguese Justice Authority.

  14. In case the customer is located outside continental Portugal, Garrafeira Imperial informs that whichever judicial process will be taken place within Portuguese Tribunals.

  15. The customer can appeal to one of the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) entity, whose name, contacts, and Internet addresses are in the deposit entity’s list with the Consumer General Administration. For more information, please consult Consumer’s Portal:

  16. Garrafeira Imperial informs that reserves the right to modify without previous notice, information and offers regarding the following: prices, promotional campaigns, commercial conditions and services.

  17. Any promotional campaign that may exist will not be cumulatively with possible partnerships or vouchers of discounts regarding previous campaigns.

  18. Orders in continental Portugal, take about 3 to 5 business days to be delivered, in Europe is around 8 business days and for the rest of the world 12 business days, respectively.

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