Based in our wine passion, we like to offer an excellent service to our clients, share our experiences and depth the wine’s culture.

We believe that the wine creates bonds and enriches moments and that is why we build a space where you can reunite with friends, share experiences, expand memories, remembering secrets and solidify friendships.
We do not want just sell wines, but rather create a close relationship between you and the producer, to raise awareness of the wines with character, its identity and share its histories.

Each bottle is one history.


Wine is a celebration, is the result between the relationship of the producer and the vineyard, which after a new harvest can get us to know the work, pursuing its wisdom while keeping in a bottle.


Respect, close relationship, warranty of competitive and honest prices.


Responsibility, transparency, agility, efficiency and compromise of a continuous improvement.


We value big and small producers from all regions, for us, each one of them expresses a unique ‘terroir’, a unique way of designing singular and amazing wines which should be known and appreciated by all.

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